long chandelier earrings

The Chandelier Earrings for Elegant Jewelry Choice

Chandelier earrings are among the possible accessories that any women may choose. The basic idea of wearing jewelries as accessory is to enhance the appearance and having more appealing look. It makes choosing the suitable and appropriate jewelry very important in order having the more appealing appearance. Earrings are among the possible choice to have attractive appearance since it can make the user’s face more appealing. They are worn on […]

cherry amber jewelry

Beautiful Fossil in Your Jewelry

What do you think about fossil? You may think about the giant ancient bones of dinosaurs for the answer of the question. Actually the fossil is not only about the ancient animal bones, the fossil can be formed by plants and stones. The resin of plants could form fossils and used as some accessories in this day. The fossil of tree resin that used by human as accessories material is […]

antique jewelry armoire

Choosing the Proper Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry armoire is an important furniture item for jewelry collector. It is basically a kind of storage solution to keep the jewelry collection. Properly stored and managed jewelries may have good preservation as well as security; some of the jewelry items may require specific care to store the items. The proper storage solution may solve the required care problem by providing a place and furniture item to store the jewelry […]

emerald cut gold engagement rings

How to Choose Perfect and Stylish Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings can be a very great choice to use in the special day like engagement or wedding. This ring has very remarkable and unique model so that it is very suitable to be used to express love. The clarity of the diamond that use is the highlight of this ring. That is the reason why emerald cut rings is very stunning in look. Even it quite looks […]

silver cocktail rings

Wear The Best Cocktail Ring

Every woman knows about relationship between cocktail parties and cocktail rings. The cocktail is important jewelry in a cocktail party. The popularity of cocktail rings was in line with the popularity of cocktail parties since 1940’s or 1950’s. The popularity of this ring type prolongs until this day because the designs of this rings always develop continously. Almost of women has this rings for some special and casual occasions. The […]