Custom Lanyards

Over the past several years, lanyards have become pretty ubiquitous in everyday life. Once the identifier of rock music roadies and backstage-pass holders, today lanyards are everywhere. Incredibly useful, practical and eye-catching, lanyards are also excellent advertising, marketing and promotional tools for your business. Easy to use, comfortable and functional custom imprinted lanyards are perfect for tradeshows and sales conventions in particular.

Lanyards fill several purposes on the convention floor. They are of course useful to identify employees and representatives of your business in a crowd. Custom lanyards are also excellent give-away items when imprinted with your business name and logo. Lanyards are fairly evergreen, meaning they can be used over and over at any time. They are comfortable and practical, so often folks will re-use the one you’ve given them as an ID holder or comfortable whistle chain for their after-school coaching duties or other hobbies. That means free advertising for you and your business.

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Custom logo lanyards or ID-holders are a much cheaper choice than other giveaway items such as t-shirts or messenger bags and they will get just as much visibility for your business. Pass out some logo lanyards at your next event or tradeshow and give your brand “legs” to travel beyond the show. Your brand will be visible to potential customers for a long time to come. Lanyards are a practical gift that most will appreciate, perhaps more than a logo-embossed pen or coffee mug – because lanyards are more useful these days. Lanyards are certainly easier to lug around in bulk prior to your give-away or sale than t-shirts, messenger bags or mugs.

There are many styles and types of custom lanyards to consider. In woven lanyards, the text / design is woven into the fabric of the lanyard almost like embroidery for a high-quality professional look, but intricate designs will not work in this format. Imprinted polyester lanyards are screen-printed for excellent detail, as are nylon lanyards which offer a smooth finish. Tubular lanyards are rounded in shape like a shoelace, and medical-grade silicone lanyards are also available and affordable. Many lanyard printers offer extras like free shipping, rush orders or even free design services to make lanyards even more attractive for use as a promo item.

Outside the trade-shows you’ll find custom lanyards used in many other applications. They are perfect for schools, hospitals, and any place staff members, volunteers or representatives are required to wear IDs for security or customer service reasons. Lanyards serve as an excellent fundraiser for charitable organizations and schools. Bands, clubs and sports teams also use lanyards with their logo / mascot printed on them for sale or give-away to their fans.

If you are attending or organizing any of the above functions, especially if you are planning to set up a trade-show booth, be sure to consider custom lanyards as a healthy part of your promotional budget. They are inexpensive, durable, easy to order, use, ship and carry and serve as a welcome promotional gift at shows. No one wants or needs to have pinholes in their clothing anymore for nametags and who needs those sticky ones that fall off immediately? Practical and reusable, the lanyards you give out at the show will pay long-term advertising dividends for your business.

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