unique gemstone jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

The history of gemstone jewelry can be traced back to the first discovery of gemstone. The beauty of gemstone jewelry has captured many hearts all across the world and it proves to be one of the most popular types of jewelry all around the world. The rarity of precious gemstone made the value of gemstone jewelry high and it is considered as a status symbol for wealth and prosperity. In […]

marcasite jewelry value

Unique Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite is a mineral also commonly known as the white iron pyrite, but the famous marcasite jewelry is not actually made of marcasite, it is made of pyrite or fool’s gold. Marcasite jewelry is famous for its robust structure and the distinctive dots all across the surface of the jewelry. The color of marcasite jewelry ranges from black to bright silver. This color combination proved to be very suitable for […]

amber jewelry sets

Beautiful Fossil in Your Jewelry

What do you think about fossil? You may think about the giant ancient bones of dinosaurs for the answer of the question. Actually the fossil is not only about the ancient animal bones, the fossil can be formed by plants and stones. The resin of plants could form fossils and used as some accessories in this day. The fossil of tree resin that used by human as accessories material is […]

antique heart lockets

Antique Lockets

Nowadays, some women are interested with antique lockets that are certainly different with modern lockets. Modern lockets are identical with glamour and classy style, while lockets with antique design are complicated with other functions as the locket. You certainly never forget about the design of antique locket that is full with tribal and unique design. If you are the modern women but interested with antique jewelry, especially locket, let’s find […]

tacori eternity rings

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are well-known as the symbol of eternity love that is usually given from husband to his wife in their own anniversary. This ring is usually worn by women, because its appearance is feminine. The materials are used to make this beautiful ring can be various, for instance gold, it can be white gold or white gold. Gemstone is also used to make this ring looks valuable, classy, and […]