piaget cocktail rings

Wear The Best Cocktail Ring

Every woman knows about relationship between cocktail parties and cocktail rings. The cocktail is important jewelry in a cocktail party. The popularity of cocktail rings was in line with the popularity of cocktail parties since 1940’s or 1950’s. The popularity of this ring type prolongs until this day because the designs of this rings always develop continously. Almost of women has this rings for some special and casual occasions. The […]

antique looking lockets

Antique Lockets

Nowadays, some women are interested with antique lockets that are certainly different with modern lockets. Modern lockets are identical with glamour and classy style, while lockets with antique design are complicated with other functions as the locket. You certainly never forget about the design of antique locket that is full with tribal and unique design. If you are the modern women but interested with antique jewelry, especially locket, let’s find […]

vintage oval lockets

Vintage Lockets

Vintage things become popular nowadays, no wonder that there are many people who haunt something that has vintage value. Vintage lockets are also interested by many people because its design is wonderful and very suitable for you who love vintage style. What is identical in vintage locket? The design and color is used certainly different with other lockets. Usually, you see some modern lockets identical with shinny gemstones and its […]

cartier eternity rings

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are well-known as the symbol of eternity love that is usually given from husband to his wife in their own anniversary. This ring is usually worn by women, because its appearance is feminine. The materials are used to make this beautiful ring can be various, for instance gold, it can be white gold or white gold. Gemstone is also used to make this ring looks valuable, classy, and […]

hair comb bridal

Bridal hair comb is simple uses

Will we ever see the movie Breaking Dawn part 1? We will look a simple wedding style but feels sacred, where the bride using simple dress and hairstyle are also simple, just use a bridal hair comb with veil, but it feels really wonderful. We often dizzy, what kind hairstyle we will use on our marriage. Some brides feel more comfortable when using a bridal hair comb. Hair comb is […]