jewelry monet

Monet Jewelry, this is the Classic Style

Monet jewelry is identical with the classic style. It cannot be used in the daily life and only suitable for the formal and the special event. At least, this is what the most people thing. But whatever the opinion, Monet jewelry has the unique and the classy style. It makes the wearer to look more elegant and improve their confidence. Now, it is easy to find Monet jewelry. With many […]

taxco silver bracelets

Taxco Silver, the Special Jewelry from Mexico

Taxco silver is one of the most interesting jewelries. This is not just beautiful. This is also attractive and has a cultural and tradition values. It makes this jewelry perfect as a souvenir too. Just like the other jewelries, Taxco silver is coming in the beautiful design. It also designed in the varied form such as necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet. To find out more, let’s take a look the […]

inspirational jewelry for runners

Self-Motivation with Inspirational Jewelry

Inspirational jewelry, maybe it stills unfamiliar for the most people. The popularity is not too impressive, but you can try to think about this. The era of the beautiful-jewelry-only will never end, but the unique and personal jewelry has something better to offer. Personality and character, these are the best things about the custom jewelry. When you expect for something unique and inspiring, there is nothing better than inspirational jewelry. […]

gold monogram jewelry

Personalize Yourself with Monogram Jewelry

Monogram jewelry, maybe this is the best way to get the personalized accessories. This jewelry is not just attractive. It can also be an identity too. But the interesting thing about monogram is not just about it. This jewelry success to apply the typography technique to beautify the wearer. At least, it can make the wearer to look more confident. There is one thing that make monogram jewelry looks so […]

blank cuff bracelets

Be Attractive with Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are becoming a trend. But this bracelet is not just a trend. This is popular because of the beauty too. Maybe it looks strange at first, but you will see the beauty when you look it fits with your hand. It looks big and heavy, this is what people thing about this bracelet. But there also the smaller and the slimmer one. And now, it also has the […]